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From its first online article in 2003 to now reaching more than 20,000 daily visitors, Cancer Tutor has become a lifeline in the cancer community. With this legacy, Cancer Tutor has established themselves as the go to place for natural health practitioners and researchers alike.

We were so excited when approached to bring the Cancer Tutor brand and website into a more modern light. Keeping in mind the target market of the intelligent, internet savvy demographic, we had to walk the fine line of creating a more approachable and knowledgeable brand. We were also tasked with delivering a totally new user experience without alienating the vast amount to invested visitors that date back 13 plus years.

We set out to create an inviting and uplifting space where Cancer Tutor could create and share natural health focused content. A space where visitors could also now become a larger part in the natural health community. We also have more large scale projects in the works with Cancer Tutor, that we can’t wait to share.


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